The Niger Delta Question and 2030 Sustainable Agenda.

By Jerome-Mario Utomi- For the 2030 sustainable agenda to succeed, says the United Nation, partnership and collaboration must be given a disciplined attention.  This world body further stated that the scale and ambition of this agenda calls for smart partnerships, collaborations, ecosystem thinking, co-creation and alignment of various intervention efforts by the public and private sectors and civil society

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Where is Nnamdi Kanu?

By Tola Adeniyi– Today I charge all of us in the Media with criminal silence and culpable complicity in the disappearance of Nnamdi Kanu’s saga. Since September 14 last year when Nigerian troops were ordered to brutally invade the home of the leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra [IPOB], now purportedly proscribed, not a word has been heard from the usually outspoken Nnamdi Kanu and all-powerful Federal troops that invaded his home had kept silent about his fate. Is he dead? Is he alive? If dead, where is his corpse? If alive, where is he and what is the state of his health?

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Technology and the challenge of election integrity

By Samson Itodo– Despite declines in political and civil liberties on the continent, regular elections – an indispensable foundation of democracy – signal that democracy is gradually taking root in Africa. The frequency of elections on the continent presents an undeniable opportunity for citizens to assert their sovereignty and negotiate a new social contract with the ruling political elite. The outcome of recent elections in Liberia and Sierra Leone are an affirmation that though elections provide a mechanism for settling inter-elite rivalries, they embolden citizens to dislodge non-performing governments and send to retirement corrupt, autocratic and imprudent politicians from public office.

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The police and the slaughter slab

By Tola Adeniyi– My heart bleeds for the Nigeria Police, the most endangered species of government employees in the country. I have been writing and lamenting about the pitiable plight of the Nigeria police for close to 42 years, and the more I write about the police the more hopeless their situation appears. I recall that in 1976 the police in Ogun state were deserting the force in droves. The state commissioner there at that time was Gentleman Chris Omeben. He was alarmed and on prodding admitted to me that the condition of service even at that time was deplorable and very much unattractive and non-conducive to productive enterprise.

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Hate speech redefined

By Tola Adeniyi– I wouldn’t know where the bogus concept of hate speech came from or who brought up the idea to the floor of the National Assembly but I know for certain what purpose it was meant to serve. Having messed up the sensibilities and sensitivities of the Nigerian citizenry by incessant and unrelenting  butchering of Nigerians  in a fashion bordering on ethnic cleansing across the country the handlers of the cabal that is hell bent on conquering and subduing all the ethnic nationalities and re-colonize Nigeria in their own image believe the Nigerian masses should have their mouths permanently padlocked so that nobody should ever say a word about the gory atrocities being daily perpetrated.

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