Battle on Buka Street movie entraps fans into new frenzy

Story by Misturah Ibiwunmi Tairu and Bernice Gift Nicholas, Edited by Segun Otokiti.

* Funke Akindele did not disappoint with 8 to 10 rating

*Jealousy and competition are the big lesions!

WorldStage Newsonline– It was originally intended for review. Efforts on review was on-going when the buzz on Battle on Buka Street movie series came overwhelming the initial intent and drew the temptation of doing a sort of detailed story, instead, on the rave it has created.

With reported as well as WorldStage Newsonline’s facts finding efforts, ignoring a milestone of a movie hitting the level of the most viewed Nollywood series in Nigeria and the second highest grossing Nollywood movie of all time with 556 millions views will be a great disservice and undervaluing a captivating work of thespian art both to the public and cast of the movie.

From WorldStage Newsonline’s findings, Battle on Buka Street was also discovered to have the greatest view in cinemas in 25 day of its release, attracting a staggering 500 million viewership within the period. Far from sheer praise singing, popular acceptance and patronage of Battle Buka Street as it is enjoying currently is a testimony of good work, good content, good casting and the deserved embrace.

Released to cinemas in Nigeria on December 16th, 2022 Battle on Buka Street is a comedy drama cast in Yoruba, Hausa Igbo and English, featuring renowned actors and actresses as Kelvin Ikeduba, Sola Sobowale, Funke Akindele, Mercy Johnson and host of others.

The movie, jointly produced as a collaboration between Funke Ayotunde Akindele Network and Filmone Entertainment and directed by Tobi Makinde, is a story about two rival women who grew up with hatred nurtured between their parents before they were born. The pre-existing rivalry led to finding themselves at loggerheads when they set up food businesses on the same street.

The Battle on Buka Street makes history in the cinema as the first ever indigenous Nollywood movie released in the United States.  The movie production and distribution platform, Filmone Entertainment, announced that on the four-day new year weekend of showing, the movie grossed up to $61,000 tickets sold out in about 10 regal cinemas.

Mr. Godwin, Manager of Heritage Cinemas, Abule Egba, Lagos attested to how people have been trooping in and out of the cinema since the release of the movie, though he couldn’t disclose the figures of viewers but he could tell that there was a rapidly growing earnings from the movie.

Godwin disclosed they have their show-time of the movie four times daily and large number of people always turns up for each segment.

Commenting on the movie, one Mr. Toheeb Olaleye acknowledged the movie as interesting, saying before seeing it, he was already optimistic it would be very interesting because of his favourite actress, Funke Akindele.

“I have seen several movies from her and she has been doing a great job. Battle on Buka Street wasn’t an exception, though I feel it was too overrated nevertheless I enjoyed the movie, the comedy, suspense and so on,” he said.

On what lessons learnt from the movie, he responded that “watching out for each other, Inheriting a fight that is not yours should be avoided at all cost.”

On whether the movie meets up his expectations, Olaleye admitted that it did to some extent.

He gave the movies a pass mark of eight out of 10, promising to recommend it to many others because according to him, it’s a good movie to end the year so that people that have grudges with each other can just end it and give peace a chance.

He acknowledged Funke Akindele as his best cast in the movie.

“Funny enough I can’t remember her movie character,” he said.

Funke Akindele

Another commentator on the movie, Adam Owolabi said Mercy Johnson did a good job playing her character.

On lessons he derived from the movie, Owolabi replied that retaliation helps nobody and that it just worsens problem.

Secondly, he advised people to be honest all the time, citing the case of Ademide and his cousin that were able to get along after being honest, even though their mothers lied to each other (about going to US) and the whole village.

Again, he advised that people should not always rush into conclusion because some bad decisions, according to him, can be unjustifiable.

Owolabi described his experience watching the movie as amazing and also rated it 8/10 in performance level. He also identified Funke Akindele as his favourite character in the movie.

Asked if he were to add or subtract from the scenes of the movie, he said the aspect where the little twins got involved in the rivalry of their mothers should be yanked off.

To Miss Mubarokah Rabiu, Battle on Buka Street is a very nice movie which she enjoyed watching.

On lesson learnt from the movie, she said being a jealous person could ruin things and opportunities for people and advised against competition, but to do things one’s way.

She said she found the movie full of emotions, sadness and comedy, adding that the movie met her expectation and gave it the full performance mark of 10/10.

She also tipped Funke Akindele As her best character in the film with her role as Yejide

For Mrs. Hazmat Lawal,  the movie is highly educative and that she leant from the movie never to inherit enmity and also that unity should never be compromised and that unhealthy competition is really bad.

She described the movie as roller coaster (sad at some point, and happy about how their children found peace in one another and not competing).

She also named the character, Yejide performed by Funke Akindele  as her favourite for her soft heartedness. She rated the movie 8.5/10

One Adedamola Adetoro said she was yet to see the movie but she was fascinated by some recommendations about the hype and that because she had been busy lately, but would probably see it once she can spare the time.

Oyebola Faloju said he’s yet to see the movie in full, but the extract from behind the scenes and reviews from his friends that had seen it.

He said he was planning to soon watch it with friends at the cinema.

Adejoke Surajudeen said she found the movie interesting and marveled at the brilliant representation of the Nigerian languages in the work.

She said she’s always looking forward to works from the producer, Funke Akindele, as she gave her movie all of the best moral settings and characters. She said she would rate the movie 9/10 and it’s her favourite movie for the year 2022.