Made in Naija Power House Reality TV Show – Brand new reality TV show

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Just imagine, the wittiest and most entertaining grassroots inventors across Nigeria are selected to enter the ‘Made In Naija, Power House’ season 1 to undertake the most adventurously intriguing process and quest to invent the ‘new big idea’ to a panel of savvy judges and to an audience who wants edutainment, comedy, heartbreaking evictions, and mind-blowing inventions all for fame and fortune—cash prizes worth 70M!

That is what the producers of this show are cooking. It’s almost certain that this show is going to be phenomenal as this maiden season of reality show, tagged “Show Your Science” is expected to entertain many homes in Africa and beyond.

Anyone in love with reality TV will fall, again, head-over-heels as they witness something fresh and unique in Made in Naija Power House reality show where interesting young and innovative minds (men and women) will shake their brains and burn their emotions in a bid to ‘show their science’ and win 70 million naira worth of prizes.

According to one of the producers of the show, Mr. Odia Omovbude, he explained that the show is geared towards driving a new culture of inventiveness, innovative thinking, and science. He explained further that just as art shows, science can also be harnessed to provide very insightful and highly entertaining content.

So, this show isn’t by any means tilting towards the usual expectation of science shows. It promises to be highly engaging; no drama is left out.

It is billed to air on popular free to air terrestrial television channels in the country and on pay TV as well, so fans can enjoy the show without prejudice.

Massive campaigns are ongoing to reach all Nigerian grassroot inventors and individuals who perhaps may not have invented anything yet but have innovative ideas and can communicate it convincingly to the judges at the nationwide auditions, are enjoined to register for the auditions taking place across the country in key states including Lagos, Oyo, Abuja FCT, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Edo, Enugu, and Imo.

Although, the date for registrations hasn’t been announced yet, but plans are ongoing for its commencement later this October. Portal for registration will be made accessible on show’s official website.