Ebola: Angry residents burn down another treatment centre in Congo

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Angry residents have burned down an Ebola treatment centre in eastern Congo, an official said on Thursday, the latest attack on a clinic.

“The centre and some vehicles were completely burned down,” Richard Nyembo, a local official in the Lubero area, told dpa.

An official at the general hospital, Kasereka Lupande, said that one of the attackers was killed when police intervened in the fracas in North Kivu province.

“There was one death, one injured, and five vehicles and the centre damaged,” Lupande said.

Authorities and aid groups have been struggling to do their jobs in the dangerous eastern region where numerous militia groups operate, most fighting over the Central African country’s rich natural resources.

However, they have also had to deal with a local populous suspicious of health workers.

Two Doctors without Borders (MSF) clinics were attacked in recent weeks, prompting the World Health Organisation to say it was “deeply concerned.”

A total of 584 people have died since the outbreak started in 2018.

Report says it is the second-largest Ebola outbreak ever.

Ebola is a highly infectious disease that causes a fever and often leads to massive internal bleeding and death. 

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